My daughter has been dancing at the dance school since she was 5. I cannot recommend them enough, they have not only taught her to dance but have encouraged her to act, improved her self confidence and have given her the skills to learn in ways different to those taught in a classroom. The girls have had the opportunity to dance on a professional stage and if they want to have one to one tuition. This is not just a dance school, it’s a family making memories for life.
— Parent


We offer a range of classes at the studio to appeal to everyone's interests.

Our intro to dance classes are the best place for little ones to start. We usually recommend from 3yrs but quite a few confident, independent 2 1/2 yr olds have been known to absolutely flourish in the class! We cover ballet, tap singing and lots of free expressive movement in a fun, lively atmosphere so each child has lots of fun whilst developing core technique and confidence. These classes are on a Monday at 4.15 or a Saturday morning at 9.30.

In Our IDTA syllabus classes we study ballet, tap, modern jazz and theatre craft as we feel a dancer gets the most out of a varied program which in the end turns out a well rounded versatile dancer.
(Please call for advice and further info as to which class would be the best fit for you)

Our street dance classes are on a Saturday at 10.15 for the under 9's and 11 for 10yrs +. This is great for those children who can't stop dancing to all the latest Pop tunes.

Our musical theatre classes are great way to build confidence both vocally and physically. The musical theatre syllabus covers acting, singing and dance and is great because when the children enter exams they are examined as a team therefore promoting teamwork and awareness of others. We also notice a big change in each child's expression and character acting whilst improving speech and diction too. 
These classes are in a Thursday 4.30 for the under 9's & 5.10 for the 10yrs +.

For those children who want to get more involved we offer stretch class, advanced jazz and production classes on Wednesdays as well as private tuition throughout the week in preparation for competition work. (Please call for further advice on these classes).

Student teacher training is also available as out pupils progress through to the higher levels.